Our Mission & Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Through a team of professionals committed to clinical excellence, we will provide our patients with optimal care and outcomes in a positive environment that promotes innovation, progressive solutions and healing.

Our Hospital will exemplify respect and value for all. We will strive to enhance the lives of our patients, their families, and employees through education, involvement and compassion.

Our Facility

  • 40 Private Licensed Long Term Acute Care Beds
  • 12 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Rooms
  • 28 Private Medical Surgical Suites
  • Individual ICU Rooms Equipped with Telemetry and Isolation Capability
  • Located in DeSoto, Texas
  • Private Rooms Available
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
  • CT Scanner
  • Fluoroscopy Suite
  • Dedicated Three-Station Dialysis Unit

Who We Are

Vibra specialty hospital is committed to providing patients who require extended hospitalization with quality care to meet their medical needs. Our goal is to help our patients reclaim control of their lives and reach their highest level of functioning. Vibra staff is dedicated to providing each patient with an environment that is productive to healing in a manner that is most effective for them.

Effective Healing

A typical hospital is not designed to handle the demands of patients requiring long term acute care. Vibra specialty hospital has a series of specialized programs and services focused on improving the lives and medical conditions of patients who require additional (or extensive) acute care for their recovery or who are not yet ready to be transferred to a non-hospital environment.
It is our goal to foster positive relationships with those we serve, our patients, physicians, families, payors, staff and the community.

At Vibra, we are committed to monitoring and improving our care. By monitoring significant aspects of our clinical process, we determine how to attain the best results.

These areas include:

  • Optimizing Patient Satisfaction
  • Eliminating In-Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Eliminating Medication Errors
  • Eliminating Patient Falls
  • Achieving Exceptional Wound Healing Rates
  • Achieving Exceptional Ventilator Weaning Rates